For Mario Mangone Architect, Design is a passion, our architectural service goes beyond Home Design. We also design Commercial Office Buildings, Restaurants, Medical facilities, Warehouses, Car Washes, Barns & Pre-engineered Metal Buildings. Commercial Architecture is part of our great Professional Service.

Commercial Buildings:

Office/Warehouse Building – Jensen Beach, FL

Aircraft Hangar, Jupiter FL

Tilt up Office/Warehouse Building, Stuart FL

Restaurant, Tequesta FL

Car Wash, West Palm Beach, FL

Medical Office, Floor Plan

Medical Office Building, Jupiter FL

Office-Warehouse, West Palm Beach

Concrete tilt-up Building

Tilt up Building, Villa del Sol, Stuart FL

Barn, Jupiter Farms, FL
Barn - Floor Plan

Barn, Jupiter Farms, FL

Transitional Home

Home office, Tequesta, FL

Restaurant. Floor Plan

Restaurant, Stuart , FL

Car Wash Building, Delray Beach, FL

Car Wash, Boynton Beach, FL

Italian Restaurant, Tequesta FL

Baldino Italian Restaurant, Tequesta FL

Retail/Office Building

Office Buildings

Two of many office buildings designed in the 80’s. I was working for a commercial developer: Orlando Annulli & Sons, Manchester, Connecticut. I was only 25 years old – directly from college to the drafting table. The drawings were completed in only 3 months, without the supervision of any other architect. The Buildings were built on time with few change orders.

Guanabanas Restaurant, Jupiter FL


Aircraft Hangar: This building’s overhead door was a challenge. The door is 40 feet long so we had to design a 48″ deep concrete beam supported by oversized concrete columns at each side. Special bracing was required during construction to stabilize the deflection of this long span beam. The hangar was an addition to an existing building, but the entire perimeter walls and roof had to be redone for aesthetics and structural stability.

Restaurant, Tequesta: The original building was beautiful but structurally compromised. The roof had to be reinforced to allow for a new addition and remodeling of the entire space. The baths also had to be redesigned in accordance to the new ADA requirements.

Car Wash, West Palm Beach: This unique Car Wash building is located in West Palm Beach. It is unique for its architectural classical style. The building was designed and built in record time. Very efficient and functional. The plumbing system was a challenge, too many under ground tanks connected with a complex piping system, but everything was built without any major problems.

Medical and Office Building: located on Indiantown Rd, Jupiter. Designed for Di Vosta Development. It was built on schedule, with few change orders. The structural system consists of 8″ reinforced masonry walls and pre-engineered wood trusses. The interior layout was coordinated with the tenants.

Office-Warehouse building, West Palm Beach: designed for Rinker Inc. The office area is in the front of the building. The warehouse area is more than 3/4 of the entire area. The structural system consists of high unbraced masonry walls and concrete post and beam system. The roof is made of metal bar joist supported by long span steel beam. Also, a reinforced concrete floor system has been used in the warehouse to support very heavy loads.

Barn: In this Barn there are eight horse stalls at each side of a central two story residence. The building is located in Jupiter Farms. The structure system is made of steel and concrete. Each horse stall is enclosed with prefabricated partitions and perforated special rubber flooring has been used for better maintenance and safety. The stalls are organized in a pattern to increase passive cross ventilation to maximize comfort for the horses.

Home Office: A business headquarters and also the main residence for the CEO. This building is located in Tequesta, FL. It was a challenge to integrate an eclectic looking building in the neighborhood, but by introducing some classical architectural elements we were able to soften the look and minimize any conflict with its surroundings.

Restaurant, Stuart, FL: It used to be an old gas station. Very drastic structural changes were necessary. The result is a new beautiful building totally different from the original look. The parking lot was a challenge.

Car Wash, Boynton Beach: This is a second car wash designed for the same developer. It was hard to comply with the zoning requirements because the lot was too small. The design process was challenging but we were able to complete the project smoothly. The Car Wash was completed in March of 2021 and is now open and running.

Baldino’s Italian Restaurant, located on US-1, Tequesta, FL. This building was an old KFC fast food restaurant. We remodeled and added a new Kitchen and Dining area. We changed the entire look, introducing classical Mediterranean architectural elements, giving the building a new identity.