Home Remodeling: When to apply for a Permit

Many of my customers and even some contractors find interpreting the
Building Code to be a bit confusing in regard to remodeling projects.
When is the Building Permit required?
If the changes are purely cosmetic, the permit is not required,
independently from the size of the project.
In Florida, in addition to the the standard Building Code, there is a
Code for existing buildings. It may be the same in other states
because the Florida Building Code is based on the ICC: International
Code Council guidelines.
The Code has divided the remodeling work into 3 categories:

    Includes any kind of REPAIRS done throughout the house, such as
    replacing appliances, plumbing fixtures, carpet, painting etc.
    A Building Permit is not required.
    Includes any work that alters the existing layout:
    e.g., wall demolition, fabrication of new walls in new locations
    different from the original, new kitchen layout with new or old
    cabinets & appliances, new bath layout
    , etc.
    The total remodeling work area must be below 50% of the total house
    area. If the work area exceeds 50% of the total house area, the
    remodeling project falls into
    which means, the entire house must comply with the latest Building
    Code requirements. The entire roof must be reinforced, each wood truss
    must be restrapped, and new doors and windows must be installed.
    Existing exterior walls must be reinforced per the new Code.
    The existing foundation must also meet the new code standards.
    This is a very expensive remodeling category.
    It is better to keep the work area below 50% or divide the project
    into two phases, each below 50%.

Mario Mangone

Mario Mangone Architect is located in Jupiter Florida. He has more than 20 years of experience in residential and commercial work . Graduated from the University of Architecture in Venice Italy, with a Masters Degree in Architecture and Urban Design. Obtained his License to practice Architecture from the Polytechnic of Milan in 1981. Licensed in the State of Florida and is also certified by NCARB.

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