Building a Second Floor Addition: What to consider

Adding a second floor above an existing house
is very critical and more expensive than building
on the ground level.
If the lot is too little and no other options are practical it
is important to choose a location that will not require lots
of demolition and repair work to the existing house.
A new second floor will put a lot of pressure on the existing
foundation system, which has been designed to support a
one-story house. To be sure, it is better to obtain the original
plans, if possible, but if the original blueprints are unavailable,
it would be a good idea to dig around the foundation to find out
the concrete footing size. Guessing can be disastrous and very expensive.
To minimize cost, the location of the new addition is critical.
I prefer to build on top of the existing garage.
Two methods can be used: a new post and beams system to bypass
the existing foundation, or demolish the garage and build
new foundations large enough to support two stories.

Two story addition an remodeling
Two story addition and Remodeling

Mario Mangone

Mario Mangone Architect is located in Jupiter Florida. He has more than 20 years of experience in residential and commercial work . Graduated from the University of Architecture in Venice Italy, with a Masters Degree in Architecture and Urban Design. Obtained his License to practice Architecture from the Polytechnic of Milan in 1981. Licensed in the State of Florida and is also certified by NCARB.

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