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Inspired Home Design & Architecture Firm

Mario Mangone Architect offers residential and commercial architectural services.                                           Educated at the prestigious University of Venice, Italy and over 25 years of experience,                                   including actual field work, gives him an edge and better understanding of the construction                                process, which will help to avoid costly construction mistakes.  

OFFICE.STAFF: Mario Mangone: Principal Architect,                                                                                        Debbie Mangone: Office manager, Designer & Giancarlo Mangone: Project Architect, Consulting


Empower your home design with a truly inspired architecture firm at

Mario Mangone Architect Jupiter Florida


 Home Design

True, we are designers of some of South Florida's most striking residential and commercial

buildings. However in addition to our successes with commercial buildings, our specialty is

distinct and grand home design in many different styles, including:

Contemporary                      West Indies                                     Mediterranean

Key West                             Traditional                                  Italian Renaissance

When it comes to finding true inspiration in our designs, we we look at the heart of the matter

and begin building our castles in the air with your needs and lifestyle in the forefront of our

creativity. We adopt the functionality of the home to fit your elite lifestyle, even interfacing with

your interior designer-of-choice if need be. While we do not hide the fact that our specialty

is in Italian Renaissance designs, our talented partners and staff know how to take your ideas,

dreams, and goals ans spin them into the perfect home.

Custom Homes:

Receive high-quality professional architectural services, from Mario Mangone Architect.                                     See photos of custom homes.  Whether your project is large or small, our team of experts                                 can provide the resources and solutions you need to get the job done right.  Our track record                               for consistency, timely service, and subject matter expertise make insurmountable tasks                                possible to overcome.  Our very detailed construction drawings make your project easier                                    and faster to build, minimizing construction mistakes and expensive delays.  Many custom                              homes designhed by Mario Mangone have been built along the Loxahatchee River, in                                  Admirals Cove, Jupiter Island, Singer Island, Jupiter Inlet Colony, Seminole Landing, Sewall's Point, etc.


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How we work with our clients: We value our clients' ideas and needs, and we make                                      every effort to make the process enjoyable and stress free. We design the residence after we                                            write a program based on their description of functional space relationships and lifestyle.  Every                               residence we design is unique to meet each client's expectations. Following the first meeting,                                              we develop a preliminary floor plan and building elevations. We adjust the plans in coordination                                          with our clients, until we find the optimal solution that meets their objectives. The next phase will                                            be dedicated to development of construction drawings, in conjuction with our staff and structural                              engineers. Other consultants, such as landscape architects, interior designers, surveyors etc.,                                             will be utilized as needed. The consultants' services may be provided directly to the client, if they                                               prefer. At the end of the process, we will provide all drawings necessary to obtain the building permit.                                      of course each project is different - for small homes & additions we provide all services in house.



 Renaissance Architecture

The ancient Romans invented the concrete, allowing them to design and build long  span structures  such as  the PANTHEON in ROME with a 400 feet open concrete cupola, long span bridges, and aqueducts. Before the Romans invented concrete, the Egyptians and Greeks were limited to building temples of stone with short spans only as long as a slab of stone, which is why the columns on Greek temples are so close together.

All historical developments bear some relationship to one another, and together they form a record of continuous evolution that eventually leads to the formation of present methodologies.Thus, the revival of the Roman classical tradition in Italy in the fifteenth century was one of the most extraordinary developments in Western civilization. Among such architectural giants as Alberti, Raphael, Sansovino, Giulio Romano, Vignola, and Michelangelo: Andrea Palladio remains one of its brightest stars even today. Thomas Jefferson, Mizner and many others got their inspiration from the ITALIAN RENAISSANCE. Palladio admired classical Roman Architecture from an early age, as he recalled in his architectural treatise "Four Books of Architecture", Palladio's work can be found primarily  in Vicenza and the surrounding area. He became one of the most prominent designers of the Italian Renaissance. His influences extended West to England, Scotland, Ireland and the United States and east of Russia and Poland, as his "Four Books of Architecture" continued to be disseminated widely for generations, even today, his work is widely admired and continues to influence the design of buildings in the classical tradition.                                                              

Contact Mario Mangone Architect in Jupiter, Florida, for inspired architect services,

including design, that turn your space into the place you always want to be.

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